It is the youngest company to join Sabay Group companies in 2017.

Haluk Aymen - Cemay Meyan Kökü Endüstri Kurucusu 1926-1999

Haluk Aymen –Co-Founder of Cemay Licorice Root Industry-

Bay Trade S.A. was established in 2017. Although it is a new company, Bay Trade’s  shareholder -Aymen family- has half  century of experience and knowledge in the production of licorice root. Bay Trade Licorice root  factory is locating in Iskenderun which has 15,000 sqm  open and closed area. All licorice products are manufacturing for export.

With the production capabilities,  awareness and market experience that group companies have been involved in all stages of Foreign Trade since 1984, Bay Foreign Trade firm was established. Bay Foreign Trade is  operating in agriculture and industrial products, operates in African, Middle Eastern ,European and American markets.

Clean and hygienic product production
Producing with high technology
Diversifying our product portfolio with demands
To become the supplier of all companies that buy licorice

With our long history  of supply and production experience, to renew ourselves in line with the developing product features and demands in the world and to increase customer satisfaction.